Check out our great selections of Ciders, Cider Club and Founding VIP Memberships online or visit us at our new tasting room location in Freeland, WA!

Our cider club and VIP Founding Membership:   a perfect way to be a part of the Greenbank Cidery community and enjoy the farm fresh flavor of our cider with each new season throughout the year.


Cider Club

New releases, award winners, and favorites received four times per year. Perfect for cider enthusiasts and those who entertain in style.

As a member of our cider club, you enjoy the benefits of a 10% discount at our tasting room, first notifications of our events at the orchard/cidery and quarterly shipments with 10% off additional online purchases.  Our cider club includes a handpicked selection of 6 bottles by Greenbank Cidery’s Founder, Jeff Stoner. Cider Club releases occur 4 times a year, with each new season.


Become a VIP Member

Make a BIG difference as a VIP Greenbank Cidery member. The ultimate gift for yourself or a special loved one who enjoys fine crafted cider. The best way to be a support to Greenbank Cidery and help us grow.  

You will receive a lifetime of VIP treatment, discounts and a yearly members only special event.  A welcome basket which includes our cider, special merch and a member card will be shipped or available for pick up upon enrolment.  In addition, you will get priority for all events and your name will be engraved on a special display in appreciation of your support of our Greenbank Cidery vision

Become a VIP Member


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